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Whether you’re still working on some resolutions or just want to find a way to easily lose weight without the frustration, no time is better than RIGHT now! It seems daunting if you have a lofty goal, but nothing feels better than meeting each of your goals. Here’s some of my favorite ways to reach your goals when it comes to weight loss:

Get active! Most jobs require sitting at a desk or doing sedentary things that don’t allow you to move around. Whether it be on your lunch break or if you just give yourself a few minute break a few times per day, getting up and moving around is SO important for your metabolism and really can help to shed some pounds. My favorite way to stay active during the day (especially on a day I’ll be doing a lot of sitting) is to get up and move around for five minutes, four times a day. I’ve found that setting alarms at set times throughout the day helps me to get up and active – even if I’m busy working! During these 5 minutes I’ll do things like a 10 second tidy, play with the puppies, walk to get the mail, etc. You can also spend a minute or two of your mini breaks stretching, which not only helps your body but it helps you physically feel better – desk chairs aren’t always the comfiest! A great way to stretch more and fit in more stretching throughout the day is to use a foam roller. These are great to have around the house and make a huge difference in the way you stretch your body.

Drink more water. Not everyone is big on drinking water; in fact, some people hate it! The majority of us don’t get nearly enough water per day and that task is much harder if you don’t enjoy drinking it. Try grabbing a fruit infusing water bottle to keep with you throughout the day. I am totally in LOVE with my Life Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle! These water bottles are great for adding flavor to water, while still getting the benefits of it AND adding in some fruit, too!

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Clean your fridge out. As hard as it may be to hear, the most successful easy weight loss tip in the world is to get rid of the junk. If there’s nothing in the house to tempt you, you’ll be forced to make healthy choices and eventually, it’ll become a serious lifestyle change that you learn to love. Everything is best in moderation and eliminating the temptation of that cookie dough or soda you have lying in the fridge will force you to go for the apple and water instead. Trust me, it isn’t THAT bad!

Create a workout regimen. This is something that’s completely different for everyone, and it’s all about finding what works best for you. One of my favorite workout involves resistant bands – they’re great to have and super easy to use! I find myself using them to do squats while watching something on TV or even while listening to a podcast. I just so happen to enjoy working out and multi-tasking; it makes the workout go quicker and honestly, it makes it last longer without realizing it.

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There’s a ton of things you can do to get fit and easily lose weight, like these weight loss techniques. Now that spring is here, make sure to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine! Nothing is more motivating than beautiful weather and walking my pups has become a favorite way to enjoy some sunshine AND do something good for my health!

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