California is hands down one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. There is so much natural beauty, it’s amazing. If you’re headed to California this year, you will want to keep these top places for sightseeing in California in mind.

Yosemite National Park

This is a place every traveler should put on their bucket list. It’s a beautiful place in every way. Seeing Yosemite Falls is a natural scene that may just take your breath away. Make sure you snap a few pictures of the water crashing down around you! You can hike around Yosemite National Park for hours. Thousands of people head to this National Park to get their California beauty fix every year.

Sturtevant Falls

You may be seeing a pattern here. California is home to some of the most beautiful water falls in the world. You might as well try and see them all while you’re traveling there. The falls stand at least 50 feet in height and are very memorizing. Make sure you grab a few selfies while at Sturtevant Falls, you won’t be able to describe the beauty to anyone else who hasn’t been here.

California’s Coastal Highway

Sightseeing in California can only be complete if you go and check out the Coastal Highway. After you get over the fear of falling off the cliff, you are going to love this drive. This highway runs along most of the Coastline in California.

Santa Cruz, California

If beaches are your thing, then you’re going to love California. A beach town in California worth checking out is known as Santa Cruz. There is lots of surfing going on in Santa Cruz. There is also no denying the beauty of this wonderful place.

Visit the deserts of California

Something worth sightseeing in California is known as Joshua Tree National Park. Rumor has it that there are two very different deserts here. Can you imagine being in the same place as two different deserts? The diversity and beauty is unimaginable.

As you can see, there is an unlimited amount of opportunities to sightsee while in California. The beauty here is unlike anywhere else in the United States. Before you head out to California, you will want to make sure your vehicle is in great shape. Especially, if you plan on heading down the Coastline Highway!

What is your favorite place to sightsee while in California?

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