California Bucket List

Heading to California is a dream of many! However, not many people know what they will do when they get there. A bucket list is a list of items that you want to accomplish. There is never a set time given for the bucket list, however, most people want to accomplish those items ASAP. Here are a few items you will want to include in your California bucket list.

  1. Actually go to California – Before you can complete your bucket list, you have to go to Cali. However, make it a fun way to get there. Train? Plane? Car? Your choice! Maybe you can cross something off your bucket list.
  2. Walk under the Cypress Tree Tunnel – This has been something on my “must do” list for a while. Walking under that tunnel is going to be something I never forget, many say it is so beautiful you don’t want to miss out on taking pictures.
  3. Watch the sunset – One item on my California bucket list is watching the sunset. The thing about California is there are many places to watch the sunset. One place I would love to watch it would be at Cliffs Natural Park. The sunset there is said to be like no other.
  4. Wine tasting in California – Cali is well known for its wine. However, my bucket list doesn’t include making wine, it includes tasting the wine. I can’t wait to grab a glass and taste the fruits of everyone’s hard labor.
  5. Watch whales at the bay – Please, please, please put this on your California bucket list. Watching the whales on Monterey Bay will change your life forever. Many people say sightings of the humpback whales are frequent.
  6. Visit Hollywood – There is just something incredible about visiting the Hollywood sign in California. I have it on my bucket list to get a picture in front of that sign. As I’m sure many of you do as well!
  7. Eat the food – When in California, it is wise to try as much food as you can. This is exactly what I plan on doing as well!

As you can see, California is an amazing place. It is full of beaches, mountains, famous people, and landmarks that you can’t forget anytime soon. Before you head out on your trip, make sure you get your car looked at.

I would love to hear your California bucket list. What do you plan on seeing while in this amazing state?

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