Are you a craft junky like me? My favorite thing in the world is to have a perfectly organized craft space. Of course, this doesn’t always come easy. If you’re looking for the perfect craft space, follow these tips!


Please ignore the mess. I believe in sharing REAL LIFE on this blog, and life lately has been INSANE! I’ve stitched 70 hoops
for a custom order over the last 7 weeks on top of my regular job and blog and shop work!


Organization is a must

When it comes down to the perfect craft space, you need to be organized. You can’t label a crazy looking craft room perfect. Spend a few minutes each day organizing those craft supplies of yours. I always feel so much better when my craft room is manageable. Unlike the state that mine is in right now… but this is not the time of year to worry about organization 😉

Get creative

Craft supplies take up a lot of space. Whether you’re working with a big space or a small space, you need to get creative. A crafting table is a must! You will also want to invest in some shelving and hooks. Don’t worry, all of this is doable while on a budget. I actually stacked 4 foot bookshelves on top of folding tables! This gave my work space and storage, and I use bins underneath for seasonal fabric and not-often-used-supplies, which leads right into the next point.

Keep your main supplies close

I bought a cheap shower caddy to keep my main crafting supplies in. We’re talking thread, needles, scissors, tape measure, paint brushes, and fabric markers. It’s so easy to lose the small stuff, which is why I love keeping those main supplies close to me and in the same spot.

Go with a theme for décor

I spend a lot of time in my craft room, so it only makes sense to go with a theme. When creating the perfect craft space, think of what your theme would be. I love going with the serene theme in my craft room. Staying cool, calm, and collected is important to me. When I enter my craft room, I don’t want to stress, I want to remain calm and craft my anxiety away! Except from September to December… I’m to busy making stuff for my shop and shoes to worry about what anything looks like! 😀


The lighting needs to be perfect

Like I said, I spend a lot of time in my craft room, I need good light. Dim lighting doesn’t usually get me anything but bad crafting results. Personally, using good lighting not only helps the craft projects turn out well, but it’s also way better for my eye sight. I do a lot of crafting at night, after the kids have gone to bed. Lighting is everything. Using the Ottlite has been a huge YES in my craft room. You can see the difference for yourself…

design your own wedding dress

I have been able to craft and make for longer periods of time since adding my new Ottlite to me sewing area! It has saved me so much eye strain and a few headaches for sure! The before lighting in my craft room was sufficient, but not great. OttLite lamps give you a balance of contrast and brightness that allow you to see details clearly and colors accurately.  This allows the eye to focus and see without a harsh glare, distortion or fatigue.  It’s like bringing natural daylight indoors! Now with my new Ottlite I can actually SEE and it makes sewing and matching dress fabrics so much easier!

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Putting together the perfect craft room comes down to creating a space that you love to be in. Whether you craft for fun or for money, using these tools can help you create an awesome craft room. What tips would you add to this list?

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  1. Love the crafting lamp you got. Perfect for sewing and crafting.

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