You might not know this about me, but I LOVE Art and the history that goes with it! I especially love visiting museums and art gallery’s and soaking in the colors, emotions and movement. I also love incorporating classic art in my home and 1st Art Gallery has some great options!


1st Art Gallery Shares 5 Fall Decor Inspirations from the Masters

There is something especially welcoming about a home décor clearly inspired by the current season, particularly when that décor highlights the most enjoyable and unique aspects of the season in question. Of all the four seasons, autumn is often recognized as providing the broadest color palette for interior decorating and therefore allows designers to benefit from a highly flexible approach.

With such a range of colors providing so many possibilities, it is easy to be overwhelmed when attempting to create an ideal fall décor. This is why so many interior decorators wisely turn to the masters of the art world for inspiration regarding a uniquely autumn décor. Each of the following oil paintings can therefore serve as a source of fall décor inspiration or even as the centerpiece — or accent piece, for that matter — of any finished interior design project.


  1. Vincent Van Gogh – Mulberry Tree

Van Gogh has long been recognized for his mastery-level knowledge of color theory and his unique ability to convey a complex range of emotions through seemingly simplistic subject matter. Near the end of his life while voluntarily staying in an asylum, Van Gogh painted Mulberry Tree by taking advantage of what he referred to as “some superb autumn days.” The painting is dominated by the bright orange leaves of the tree and is surrounded by earthy hues that include pale yellows and browns that serve as the perfect inspiration for an autumn décor.


  1. Gustav Klimt – The Kiss

What at first appears to be a simple and straightforward piece is actually quite complex in its composition and reflects a combination of styles that include aspects of Vienna’s Art Nouveau movement, the Arts and Crafts movement, Byzantine mosaics, and even art from the Bronze Age. Klimt’s most famous and enduring masterpiece is also a brilliantly colored piece perfectly suited for autumn, with its bold yellows and its extensive use of gold leaf reminiscent of the season’s striking and awe-inspiring foliage.


  1. Wassily Kandinsky – Yellow-Red-Blue

Kandinsky’s “Yellow-Red-Blue” is the kind of masterpiece that invites deep reflection and introspective thought regarding the harmonious relationships between the seemingly disparate shapes and colors depicted on the canvas. This sort of reflection and introspection is also commonly provoked by the months of autumn, when the cyclical patterns of nature are often most readily apparent. The manner in which “Yellow-Red-Blue” achieves a harmonious balance ought to inspire interior designers seeking to do the same.


  1. Frederic Edwin Church – Our Banner in the Sky

The depiction of a landscape at dusk and the sun’s fiery reflection in the clouds during those moments just before giving way to darkness is symbolic of the transitional period of autumn in which the warmth of summer is no more and the cold of winter will soon follow. A deeply patriotic piece painted during the Civil War, Church’s painting features the deep crimson red and the softening pale yellow so prominent during the fall season.


  1. Johannes Vermeer – Girl With a Pearl Earring

Vermeer’s most widely recognized painting has been referred to as the “Mona Lisa of the North,” perhaps due to the ambiguity of the subject’s expression as well as the famous and widely speculated upon mystery surrounding her actual identity. The yellow ochre and red madder — the latter softened by time and reducing the original painting’s overall warmth — of the subject’s clothing represents a perfectly complementary color scheme for the months of autumn. The subject’s mysteriously intriguing expression is framed by the sky-blue turban and the more earthy tones of her clothing, making Vermeer’s masterpiece an exceptional source of inspiration for any fall décor.


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