Stress Management Techniques for Work from Home Rockstars

Are you a hard working entrepreneur? Do you find yourself full of ideas, lots of progress, but little extra time to relax and regroup? Is this something that really causes you to be anxious or a bit out of sorts? Are you worried? If this is the case, you may be suffering from stress unnecessarily. And stress can be a self employed rockstar’s worst nightmare!

Did you know that stress can lead to many ailments, including anxiety and obesity to even heart attacks and depression? Read more here. For this reason it is important to learn stress management techniques so that you can continue to be a bad-ass work from home all-star!

To help maintain your work from home excellence, we’ve come up with a list of stress management techniques that work really well for me!

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What you need to schedule into your day to help minimize stress

  • Schedule yourself daily catch up time, and use that time to catch up on the little things that nag you, and ONLY those things.
  • Schedule at least once weekly downtime where you do something for you. Whether it is a 2 hour block where you get a pedicure one week and a haircut replacement  system another, you need time for you.
  • Maintain a checklist so that you can streamline tasks. I would be completely and utterly LOST without my check lists!
  • Once you’re doing well, hire someone to do some of the busy work that keeps you away from growing your business.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. When it comes to charging someone your hourly rate, don’t be afraid to tell them that you need to be compensated appropriately. Of course, at the beginning you feel like you’d like to just get paid (right?!), you do need to make sure that working is worth your while!
  • Join a club. Whether it is a volleyball group, a gardening club or a reading group, you need something outside of work and family-life to keep you grounded and well-balanced. Not to mention, having something unrelated to work or family to look forward to can be a serious mood booster!
  • Schedule vacations. Sometimes, when you get too busy, there isn’t anything breaking up the monotony of your work. For this reason, you need something that can really pull you away into full relaxation mode. Of course, you’ll want to have someone checking email and reaching out to contacts while you’re out, but that’s where “hiring someone” comes into play. It will cost money, but your sanity is definitely worth it.

Stress is a real concern for many. If your stress is out of control, and your Stress Management Techniques aren’t working, you’ll need to reach out to your trusted healthcare professional to ensure that you aren’t seeing greater health issues because of the stressors in your life. It is also important to understand the difference between internal and external stressors and knowing what you can control and what you cannot. For the items that are not something you can control, sometimes you’ll need to let go and move on so that you can move forward and continue being a work from home rockstar.

What are your favorite or go stress management techniques for when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

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2 Responses to Stress Management Techniques for Work from Home Rockstars

  1. elle spann says:

    ahh pinning this. needed to read this 🙁 so stressed as of late.
    Southern Elle Style

  2. amindfullmom says:

    This was very convicting–I am typing this as I sit at my family trip at the beach–I need to put computer down!!

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