With all of the Pokemon Go fun happening across the globe, I thought it would be fun to jump on this band wagon! This Pikachu Clothespin is a fun Pokemon Craft thats perfect for kids!

Pikachu Clothespin {Pokemon Craft for kids!}- BusyBeingJennifer.com

Pikachu Clothespin {Pokemon Craft}

Supplies needed:
Wooden clothespins
Yellow craft paint
Pair of googly eyes
Red craft felt
Yellow, black construction paper
Craft glue
Paint brush

Pikachu Clothespin {Pokemon Craft for kids!}- BusyBeingJennifer.com
1. Begin by applying two coats of craft paint to the clothespin. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
2. While the paint dries, snip out the ears for your Pikachu. Simple yellow ovals will do. Snip out some black tips to add to the tops of the ears.
3. Using your red felt, cut out two small circles to use as cheeks. Set aside.
4. You can now begin assembling the face of Pikachu. Add some glue to the backs of the paper ears and glue them to the inside mouth of the clothespin.
5. Add the two eyes to the front of the clothespin and the felt ears below those. Press all pieces firmly so they adhere well.

Pikachu Clothespin {Pokemon Craft for kids!}- BusyBeingJennifer.com
Optional: Use a black marker to add the nose and squiggle mouth on your Pikachu. We felt our face was a little full already so left it as is.

Your Pikachu clothespin can now be clipped to backpacks, curtains, or event plants. Or add a magnet to the back and turn your pokemon craft into a magnetic clip for the fridge or school locker!

Pikachu Clothespin {Pokemon Craft for kids!}- BusyBeingJennifer.com

Take your Pikachu with you on your Pokemon Go adventures or use him to show off the kids art work! There are so many fun ways to put this Pokemon craft to good use! 🙂

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2 Responses to Pikachu Clothespin { Pokemon Craft }

  1. Doug says:

    Awesome, simple project. Pokemon is taking over the world!

  2. Terra Heck says:

    Such a cute craft, especially with the reborn Pokemon craze.

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