Blogging… these is no magical solution that will make things easy, productive or successful all at once. Blogging takes work! Thank Goodness there are some super clever people out there that have created some systems and applications and things that make blogging easier! A lot easier in fact! And I’m talking about my favorites, the ones I use or take advantage of every day!

4 Things that Make Blogging Easier, more time efficient and simpler to accomplish! -

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4 Things that make Blogging Easier:

CoSchedule – What is CoSchedule?

The world’s only content marketing and social media editorial calendar for WordPress. We were seeking the perfect calendar.

The idea was simple: Help content marketers and bloggers plan and publish awesome content, share it with the world, and save a ton of time becoming rock stars at what they do.

I started using CoSchedule about 2 years ago, and let me tell you, it has made ALL the difference in the world! I remember thinking, when my free trial was almost over, that there was no going back. Trying to plan out my posts and social media via pen, paper and physical calendar were no longer an option. I’m more organized, more on top of my content creation and more focused on what I want to create and share than I EVER was before CoSchedule entered my life. Managing my editorial calendar and planning out a social media strategy for each post takes minutes and makes a cohesive message, across all platforms, incredibly easy and time efficient. Winning!

eSkyCity Hosting – What is eSkyCity?

eSkyCity isn’t just a hosting company, we’re a cybersecurity company. You wouldn’t buy a car and not have car insurance, right? Well, you can think of security as insurance for your WordPress blog. Our Secure WordPress Cloud includes 10 security features, at no extra cost to you.

I have never had such confidence and peace of mind when it comes to the hosting and security of my websites. They have made the technical side of things easy for me to understand, and are always accessible for support and trouble shooting. My site has almost never been “down” since making the switch and I’m pretty sure its impossible to be more please with a hosting company! BTW, if you mention Busy Being Jennifer, when inquiring about switchin you’ll get for your first month free! (no credit card required.)

BufferWhat is Buffer?

Buffer is a new and smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media. People have called it great names before, like your Social Media Assistant or the Siri of Social Media.

What it does is simple. You add updates to your Buffer queue and it will be posted for you well spaced out over the day – and at the best times.

It’s like your magic box you can use anytime to fill with great Tweets, Facebook stories or LinkedIn updates. Just drop them in and you don’t have to ever worry about when it will be posted, it’s all taken care of by Buffer for you.

As a social media manager, blogger and virtual assistant, I would be utterly, completely and hopelessly lost without buffer. Seriously. I personally use it to re-share older content from my blog and to share relevant content from other bloggers/blogger-friends via Facebook and Twitter. For my clients, I use it to share their current content and niche related stuff that their readers would enjoy. Its a life saver for sure!

Tailwind – What is Tailwind?

Smarter Pinterest Marketing.
The complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses.
Schedule Pins, Discover Content, Monitor Pinterest, and Measure Results. All in One Platform.

I was first introduced to Tailwind by a client that was already in love with their platform. After playing around for a few days, I totally understood why! And I swiftly set up an account for myself, since then there has been no looking back! I’ve watched as my pinterest account has gained thousand of followers, my engagement has increased and I’ve seen several pins go “viral”! All using the tools that tailwind has made easily available!

These are just 4 of the main things that make blogging easier for me… and I honestly can’t imagine life without them! Do you have any tools or things that make blogging easier for you? What blogging apps and systems are you totally hooked on?

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One Response to Things that make Blogging Easier!

  1. Julie S. says:

    I like Buffer, it is pretty cool. I don’t like that it changes the URL for you though, so it has messed up some of my tracking links in the past for campaigns. I would also add Board Booster and Hootsuite to this, both have been super helpful to me. Tailwind I like too, but it is a bit tedious to schedule pins to group boards. So many wonderful tools out there though!

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