As the wife a a full time Trucker, I’ve heard far too many horror stories about accidents and people who just weren’t properly prepared when they left home. When it comes to either a road trip across the US, or just your everyday travels, it is important to have a vehicle emergency kit. An emergency kit is just that: a kit you have if the unexpected pops up. Here is a list of 10 things you must have in your vehicle’s emergency kit.

This list of things you should always have in your Vehicle's Emergency Kit will help you travel in safety! It never hurts to be prepared!

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Content you need in your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit

  1. A cell phone with full charge. This should be one that isn’t necessarily high tech by any means, and isn’t your daily use one. Instead, an old phone that you keep OFF, and charge once a month should suffice. You can get a no-contact phone and keep the bare minimum minutes on it, or even just keep it so only 911 can be called (no contract or minutes required). The benefits of keeping one with $10 in minutes on it is that you can call for a tow truck instead of 911, but it will have costs, and if you have a regular cell phone you can still use that for a tow truck, or other emergency contact. The no-contract phone with no minutes is useful to have as a back up when you only need to call 911. The cost is very low ($15 to free if you just use an old phone that you keep charged).
  2. Fire extinguisher. They make small fire extinguishers, and they have ones that fit nicely hidden in the side of your trunk. This won’t fit into a small box that you keep in a kit, but is worth while, especially if you camp a lot or visit more rustic areas.
  3. Reflective warning triangles. Having three or four can be worth while so that if you’re stuck on the side of the road you can place them so no one hits you and they know you are in need of assistance.
  4. A standard first aid kit. This can be purchased at most big box stores and come pre-packed to make it easy for you!
  5. Jumper cables. And yes, you should know how to use them. Ask someone knowledgeable or consider watching a youtube video if necessary.
  6. Flashlight with spare batteries. This can come in handy if you are stuck at night.
  7. Two gallons of water. One for drinking just in case and one to use as a coolant if necessary if your car overheats in summer.
  8. Cat litter. This is useful in winter driving conditions. If you get stuck, the cat litter can give you traction.
  9. Non-perishable food. Think energy bars and the like. You want something to fill you up quickly if you’re stuck for a longer period of time.
  10. Emergency flares. Now this won’t be useful in most situations, but if you are taking a trip to a remote and extremely rural area, having them can be life-saving if you’re truly lost deep in the woods or other area where traffic is not regular.

When you go on your next road trip, or even just heading out for some “cruising” it is always a good idea to be ready for the “just-in-case”. Its important to always be prepared (regular vehicle maintenance is a MUST). And this list of things you should always have in your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit will help you do just that. Safe travels!

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2 Responses to 10 Things You Must Have in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit

  1. Patti Tucker says:

    As a West Texas gal, I would add a “tornado blanket” to the list. I always have a blanket big enough to cover us in the case of being caught in a tornado producing storm. Other than that, great list, girl!

  2. grablelisa says:

    Pinning! These are great suggestions. I would add a car escape tool (cuts seatbelt, smashes window). I’ve posted on what needs to be added to the standard first aid kit:
    Great ideas, Jennifer!

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