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Staycations… Yay or nay? I love the idea of going somewhere fun and exotic… but let us be realistic, the budget just doesn’t cooperate with exciting and exotic locals all that often. Last week the Hubs got the official approval for a week off in August! We’re going to celebrate my 33rd birthday in style! And that means getting the heck-ish out of dodge! So I’ve started planning our stay-ish-cation! And by stay-ish I am referring to the fact that we’re going to head to Dallas and see the city!

Budget Friendly Staycations Made Easy with Groupon -

Groupon has made planning our budget friendly staycations super easy! In just a matter of minutes I’ve found museum tickets, a segway tour, amusement park tickets and a hotel! To say I’m getting excited is an understatement! We’re haven’t had a “real” vacation in almost 3 years!

The plan is to enjoy at least a day at home relaxing once the Hubs gets here from what ever his latest trek was. Then we’ll head to Dallas for 2 nights, using our Groupon tickets and exploring the city. Then we’ll head back to the house and do some backyard camping or head to the lake for a day. I’m not really sure everything that we’ll be doing, but I do know that we’ll be checking out Groupon regularly to see if any other awesome local deals pop up! Groupon is definitely my budget friendly staycations secret weapon!

Gourpon is great for more than just Staycations too! There is always amazing deals on classes, groceries, gifts, fashion, event tickets, night life, local attractions and more! Groupon is the ultimate resource when it comes to deals and amazing coupons!

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2 Responses to Budget Friendly Staycations Made Easy with Groupon

  1. Lauren Spann says:

    groupon is great for most everything – you just have to look!
    Southern Elle Style

  2. Ashley Steer says:

    I’m always looking at Groupon for deals on vacations and hotels! Such a great resource.

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