Remember that delicious spin on my Nana’s banana bread recipe I shared with you last week? Well not only is it delicious sliced up and served with a cup of coffee or tea, its incredibly delicious sliced up and transformed into Banana Walnut Bread French Toast!! Breakfast is my favorite meal. But I’m not talking about a cup of coffee and a muffin kind of breakfast… on no! I’m talking pancakes or french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs… the works! This recipe fits right in with my breakfast cravings and is a good half way point for the days I can’t do the works!

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast -

Believe me when I say this Banana Walnut Bread French Toast recipe will NOT disappoint! And honestly, if you’ve already made your banana bread, then this is a quick, easy and incredibly tasty breakfast option! It would make a great weekend brunch meal too!

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast -

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast Ingredients

4 slices Molasses Walnut Banana Bread (made previously)
2 Tbsp Cream (optional)
2 Eggs, whisked
1 t Cinnamon
1 t Vanilla
garnishes – banana, walnuts and syrup

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast

Banana Walnut Bread French Toast


In a fry pan placed over medium heat, place 1 tablespoon of butter to melt.
In a bowl, add the cinnamon, vanilla and cream to the two whisked eggs. Mix well.
Taking a slice of the banana bread, dip each side in the egg mixture. Place immediately into the fry pan. When the bread is golden brown on the bottom, flip to cook the other side the same way.
Fry all pieces of the banana bread in this fashion.

Serve 2 slices per plate and garnish with syrup, sliced bananas and a sprinkle of walnuts if desired.


Banana Walnut Bread French Toast

This Banana Walnut Bread French Toast is like a warm, gooey, delicious hug from my Nana. It reminds me of happy times and breakfasts with my extended family. I love making a double, or even a triple batch of the banana bread, slicing up a couple loaves and then freezing the slices for individual use! It makes having some Banana Walnut Bread French Toast a quick and delicious option!

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8 Responses to Banana Walnut Bread French Toast

  1. elle spann says:

    how divine! this loos so scrumptious!!
    Southern Elle Style

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  3. Abby says:

    I think I need to make banana bread just to make French toast like this! I have a huge weakness for both, so I can’t even imagine combining the two. Yum!

    I’m hosting a weekly link up. We’d love for you to stop by and join us!

  4. Lea says:

    Oh my gosh. This looks and sounds delicious.

  5. Sandra Garth says:

    Oh my goodness this looks decadent!

  6. Linda Bass says:

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing on Share the Love blog party! Hope to see you this week.

  7. Make sure you stop by Diana Rambles tomorrow because you are being featured!

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