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I’ve been meaning to do more book reviews around here for AGES! And its not that I don’t read, its just that I’ve got so many things to blog about that sometimes I forget about the books I’ve loved and want to share with you!

So I took 5 minutes and added in some of my recent reads to my editorial calendar so that I wouldn’t miss them OR forget! And I’m kicking things off with a book review of “Shopping for a Billionaie” series by Julia Kent!


From Goodreads:

Ever meet a hot billionaire while your hand’s in a toilet in the men’s room of one of his stores?
No? So it really is just me. Hmm.

When you’re a mystery shopper, you get paid to humiliate yourself, all in the name of improving customer service. Romance isn’t in my job description. But the day I met Declan McCormick it was love at first flush.
Until I nearly castrated him with my EpiPen.

How Hot Guy and Toilet Girl became an item involves my crazy mom, a trip to the ER, my homicidal cat, my fake wife, and true love.
Don’t look at me like that. I’m just doing my job.
I’m shopping for a billionaire.



My Thoughts: At first I was honestly unsure about these books. Book one starts off crazy, really… its unbelievably strange. But then you get so sucked into the moment with Shannon and Declan! The chemistry between the 2 of them absorbs you lightening fast! The next thing you know its 4 am and you literally can’t keep your eyes open, but you’ve read the entire box set in one sitting. I laughed (actually out loud and far too hard), I cried (some from laughing too hard and some because there are a few gut wrenching moments) and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

I recently bought the next book in this series and will definitely let you know what I thought soon!

I’d love it if you followed me on Goodreads! I’m working really hard at tracking and reviewing everything I’m reading lately! Mostly so I don’t forget what I’ve read and what I haven’t!

I’ll be back with another book review soon!


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  1. elle spann says:

    these sound awesome! thanks for the info 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

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