It seems like the more you cater to your sweet tooth, the more sugar you eat. It’s a vicious cycle that can actually be harmful to your body over time. It’s best to kill your sweet tooth before it takes control of your life. I should know… I’m trying to kick my sugar habit and its SO DANG HARD! I wish I had founds these tips for giving up sugar when I first started this “Healthy Jennifer” journey! 

Tips for Giving Up Sugar {AKA Kill Your Sweet Tooth} -

You probably understand when I say sugar is addicting. Really! Its an actual thing! It all begins in the brain. The more sugar you eat, the more you crave. What was one piece of cake a week expands into an entire cake per week. Cutting back on sugar seems impossible, as it hijacks your brain. It works a lot alcohol, caffeine, or drugs may do to a person’s brain. It’s like the brain doesn’t function normally.

To get it to reset, we’re going to have to try a few tips to give up sugar.

  1. Just like with most additions, cold turkey isn’t possible for everyone. You’re going to have to wean your body off sugar, and do it slowly. Take out your calendar and schedule in time.
  1. Replace sugar with natural fruit. You can feel satisfied by eating an orange, apple, pear, or berries. Do not put sugar on them! Fruit such as berries contains bioflavonoids that naturally trick your brain into making you feel good.
  1. When you’re shopping at the grocery store, shop around the perimeter, rather than the central aisles. These exterior aisles contain fruits and vegetables, and proteins. Remember, if you don’t buy it, it won’t be in your cupboard or fridge for you to eat.
  1. Don’t starve yourself. If you used to eat a lot of cookies, cake, and donuts, you’re going to need to replace these snacks with something else. Try plain yogurt, unsalted nuts, oatmeal, grapes, and berries. Eat lots of protein to keep you feeling satisfied and curb cravings.
  1. Keep a journal of the foods you eat each day. At the end of the week you may be shocked that you ate eight donuts, or added two tablespoons of sugar to your coffee, several times a day. When it’s on paper it cannot be ignored.
  1. You don’t need to participate in company potlucks or birthday parties. If anyone asks, ask them to buy something healthier next time round, such as a fruit platter.
  1. You may have to adjust your beverage consumption too. Coffee doesn’t taste that great without sugar. Switch to natural blend teas instead. Some of the fruit flavored ones such as raspberry, ginger, and licorice taste naturally sweetened, so you don’t need to add sugar to them.
  1. Get a paper bag and clear out your cupboards. Donate any unopened packages of sugar, baked goods, or syrups to your local food shelter. Offer to give the opened items to your friends. Otherwise, dump out the contents and recycle the containers. You’re starting over. From now on, you’re filling up your cupboards and fridge with only healthy foods.
  1. If you’re too tempted at a party, ask the hostess to give you a small slice of cake. Scrape the frosting off. Eat only one cookie.
  1. Remember that you’re in control of what you eat—your subconscious sugar-craving brain isn’t. As you switch to a sugar-free lifestyle you’ll discover how much better you feel, and it will become easier each day to maintain your healthy new lifestyle.

It might seem like a daunting task, but these tips for giving up sugar will help you achieve this goal! And believe me, its worth it in the end! I’ve reduced my sugar intake by over half and its making a difference in how my body operates every day. It was far from easy, but its sooooo rewarding!

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3 Responses to Tips for Giving Up Sugar {AKA Kill Your Sweet Tooth}

  1. slehan says:

    For me it’s a big thing to keep sugar out of my house. If it’s not here, I don’t miss it.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. lydiaf1963 says:

    I can attest that you will get used to less sugar if you’re persistent you’ll notice store bought soups and sauces taste really sweet.

  3. Beth W says:

    #8 is essential to me. If I don’t see it, I don’t think about it, and I don’t crave it. But I also up my water intake and protein intake, which keep me feeling full and ‘cleaner’. Oh, and I don’t drink alcohol. You’d be amazed how much sugar even a non-sugary-tasting alcoholic beverage has. Lots of sauce contain sugar, as well. As lydiaf1963 says, once you get used to tasting the whole spectrum of flavors again, it’s amazing how artificially sweet you’ll notice non-sweet condiments are.

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