The holidays can be stressful sometimes, and I don’t just mean emotionally. If you have a big family, the end of the year can put a big strain on your bank account as well. If you haven’t finished your shopping and want to give your credit card a break, it’s not too late to grab some exciting gifts, even though its last-minute! Sometimes you can find the best deals in the places you would least expect. Better still, they’re places you can continue to use for gifts long after the season ends.


Something for Her
If you need something for your significant other, mom, sister, friend, aunt, or whoever, consider looking for the “where” not the “what.” What women doesn’t appreciate something sentimental? A personal, sentimental gift represents the deep bond you share, and your strong emotional connection. And they don’t have to be expensive. Why not revisit a place where you shared fond memories? When you get to the location (be it a park, a zoo, or just a special place around your home), Twisted Sifter recommends recreating a photo you two took their together. Print out the new photo with a vintage filter to match the existing photograph, and gift it to the recipient next to the original in a side-by-side frame. It’s a beautiful gift that will certainly bring a tear to their eye.

Something for Him
Still need something for your guy this year? Take a look at Woman Within. You wouldn’t expect to find exciting gifts for guys, given its name, but if you do a little digging around, you’ll find they have an entire section dedicated to NFL gear for men. Grab your guy a new hoodie so he can represent his fanhood right, and show him and his team some support with a complementing shirt of your own from the same place. He’ll appreciate that you’re taking an interest in his passions, and you’ll get big brownie points for watching the games by his side. The site is they’re a great resource for wallet-friendly gifts. There are daily deals going on throughout the holidays, and you can get extra savings by signing up for their emails.

Something for the Kids
Need something reasonably priced that’s darn cute to boot for the little ones? You’re already on the right track just by being here! If you head over to the Homespun Happiness shop, you can find personal gifts for the kids in your life. They range from pencil pouches and stuffed bears, to hoop art and Ouchie Owls—adorable cold compresses—all with price tags well within budget. You can also check out the “sale” section for additional deals.

Just keep an open mind, search for the unexpected, and you’ll have a gifts that will have everyone smiling from ear to ear, including you!

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