Fall is a great time of year to showcase your craftiness! The rich colors, the natural elements and the rustic look all combine in a perfect craft season. Here are a collection of easy (and inexpensive!) craft projects that anyone can do. Grab your glue gun and get ready!

Fall Chalkboard Sign
This cute sign would work as a mantelpiece, a wall hanging or a shelf sign. It’s a great way to use reclaimed wood (like a pallet), or you can start with some furring strips. You can also use a wood slice, like Jennifer does here.

You’ll need:  enough wood slats to make four 14” tall mini-pallets, wood glue, 10” chipboard letters “F A L L”, chalkboard spray paint, chalk. You can repurpose it later and write something else, like “L O V E”.


Cut wood strips to form mini-pallets that are 12”x 14”. Glue boards together, forming four individual signs. While the glue dries, spray paint your chipboard letters with the chalkboard paint.

For an authentic chalkboard look, after the paint dries, cover the surface of the letters with chalk and then wipe them off. Attach the letters to the individual pallets and display.

Leaf Printing Press
Bring the outdoors inside with this easy craft. Gather large, colorful fall leaves. Place them under heavy books to flatten, then photocopy with a color copier. Glue the prints onto canvas backed frames and hang up to enjoy!

Burlap Bunting

One of my favorite things to decorate with for fall is burlap. Its rustic look makes it a perfect fit for all types of décor, and this burlap bunting is adorable for mantles or windows.  Want more burlap ideas – check out Jennifer’s Lace and Burlap Sheet Music Bunting.

Cut burlap into 6 – 6” tall triangles or ‘flags’. Using permanent marker, freehand (or stencil) A-U-T-U-M-N on the flags.

Cut lace to fit each flag and hot glue to each piece. Hot glue the flags to a length of ribbon, hang up and enjoy!

Pumpkin Patch

While you have the burlap out, you can use any leftover pieces to make pumpkins. Cut large circles of burlap (the bigger the circles, the bigger the pumpkin) in varying sizes.

Use wadded up plastic grocery bags as the ‘stuffing’ of the pumpkin. Gather the edges of the burlap into the center and secure with a rubber band.

Use green or brown ribbon to form a stem, covering up the rubber band and the excess burlap. Embellish with moss, buttons, etc. Make several sizes, experiment with different types of fabric; build your own pumpkin patch!

Twig Coasters
You may not have mad crafting skills like Martha Stewart, but even Martha agrees that these super simple coasters are adorable.

Gather 21 tiny twigs for each coaster and cut to 5” lengths. Using a length of twine, tie a knot around the first twig about an inch from the end.

Continue down the side of the coaster, finishing off the side with a knot. Repeat on the other side. Set a glass of your favorite fall beverage on it and relax!

Pumpkin Stump
Fall seems to be the time of year for tree trimming, so keep an eye out for tree stumps that you can use to make these cute doorstops.

Stand the stump piece on its side, and use sandpaper to lightly sand down the stump pieces on both sides. Trace out an oval, almost the same size as the stump.

Fill in the oval with orange, adding details lightly as desired. Add some moss and a stick as a stump. Prop open your door with your seasonal décor.

Count Your Blessings
Help your family get into the spirit of fall by counting their blessings. Pick a door in your house that could use some fall décor.

Recycle paper grocery bags and cut them to form a tree trunk and branches. Buy some precut leaves at your local craft store and have each member of the family label each leaf with things they are thankful for. Fill up your tree with your blessings in a visual reminder of the season.

Fall Prints
Struggling to find time or your inner craftiness? Easy fall printables add a touch of whimsy to your house. Simply click, print, frame and display.

Not everyone has the budget to redo their home this holiday with architectural details like coffered ceilings (I would love it if I had those!) or tin backsplashes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your home ready for the season!

Use some, or all, of these easy fall DIY ideas to help get you (and your house) into the fall spirit. Get crafting!


Bio: Doug is a DIY enthusiast, runner, home brewer, and avid traveler. You can follow him on Twitter @diydoug

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