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Two months ago I had surgery on my Thyroid, it turned out to be Cancer. You can read about all of my journey here. I’ve been told by a few people that they are surprised by how quickly I’ve bounced back and how vocal I’ve become about Thyroid health and Thyroid Cancer….I guess being a Health Coach has definitely helped me. Anyway, since September is National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, I have decided to share a little bit about Thyroid Cancer. Thyroid Cancer is the fastest growing Cancer in the US and Thyroid disease is the fastest growing disease in the World.

First of all it’s important to know WHERE your Thyroid is located. Your Thyroid is right below your Adam’s Apple, it is a butterfly shaped organ that wraps around your Larynx and Trachea. I really encourage you all to check your neck often for nodules and to go to a doctor if you ever feel one. It normally feels like a sandbag.

When I found my lump I was putting on my moisturizer and was quite surprised to find anything on my neck. I was so thankful that I had literally JUST finished up a Thyroid Coaching course to better serve my clients. I knew what tests to ask to be run and could work with my doctor as a team. However, most patients don’t know what to ask or how to read their own labs. It can be really scary as you bounce from test to test and specialist to specialist. Please find someone to support you on your Thyroid journey!

I was told by multiple people that Thyroid Cancer is “the good kind of Cancer” or “a benign Cancer”. I have decided that I respectfully disagree with that assessment. Yes, I do take one pill a day to simulate my Thyroid function. As of right now we have yet to get my dosage perfect, we are almost there though! On top of that “one little pill” I also take  some other supplements to support my overall health. However, the average Thyroid cancer patient is on several medications to support their Thyroid as well as other side effects and illnesses that pop up such as Gallstones or Gallbladder removal, depression, Kidney Stones, Liver issues, Vitamin D deficiency, Iron deficiency, and dental problems.

After you have your Thyroidectomy many patients wait anywhere from six to eight weeks and then go in for a Radiated Iodine pill (RAI). They are then in quarantine anywhere from four to fourteen days. I did not have this treatment but have spoken to many people that have. This is to kill the rest of the Thyroid that is left behind. Many clients have told me that it feels like they are burning on the inside. They also lose their ability to taste anywhere from six weeks to six months, some say that things never quite taste right again.

I really encourage you all to take care of your Thyroid, along with the rest of your body by eating the best food you can afford. Drink plenty of water. Take care of your gut and make sure you are getting in some good fermented foods daily. Eat minimal to no processed sugar. Get in good healthy fats. Make sure you are sleeping well.

If you need help or support I would love to have you join my group at  Coach Kelli’s Crowd. Tell me about yourself, do you or someone you know have Thyroid disorders or Cancer?



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  1. cuteheads says:

    I’m so sorry you went through that, but I’m so glad you’re bouncing back! I’ve been hypothyroid since I was 21 and taking pills for it every day since, and I know how tough it can be. I hope they get your dosage right asap.

    the cuteness

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