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Its no secret around here that I struggle with my health and weight. I’ve made getting healthy my number one goal for my 32 year on this earth ( I celebrated my birthday this week 🙂 ) and I am planning to accomplish this goal one healthy change at a time, starting with healthy snacking!

Healthy Snacking during the week -

I’ve stocked my cupboard, purse and truck with some healthy snacking options for when I am home and on the go and right now my favorite snacks are Emerald®’s Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites and Emerald® Mixed Nuts. My health coach is always telling me to look for snacks with low carbs and lots of protein, what fits that description better than nuts?

Healthy Snacking during the week -

Nuts are especially great to help your body recover after a work out. I’d been eating some plain almonds after a trip to the gym, but know I’ve got these tasty mixed nuts and in the perfect size too! They fit right into the cup holder of my truck, so I don’t have to try and mess with a bag of nuts while driving.

These little Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites are chock full of protein, but the taste flipping amazing! Typically, I forget to eat breakfast altogether in the hustle in bustle of the business I’ve got going on. I’m gonna keep a few of these in my *massive* purse for when I need them.

Healthy Snacking during the week -

By the middle of the afternoon I am usually feeling a little snackish. As of late I haven’t been making the best choice at this point in the day. I’ve been reaching for something sweet, a pastry or something similar full of empty calories. Now that I’ve got some healthier options in my home and within arms reach, that shouldn’t be a problem any more! I can take a little break, catch up on the latest happenings and still make a healthy snacking choice!

Healthy Snacking 2

I keep this healthy snacking momentum going at night with some of the breakfast bites if I am craving something sweet, along with a piece of fruit. If I am craving something salty, I reach for some delicious mixed nuts (there are a TON of flavor options too!). I don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself of a treat and I still feel great about my snacking choice!

Do try to focus on healthy snacking? What are your favorite snacks during the week?

If you want to try emeralds Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites and the Emerald® Nuts, you can find them at Walmart nation wide. There is also a $0.55 coupon available HERE and if you’ve got 10 minutes, are one of the first 100 and want to earn a $5 Walmart gift card, you can fill out THIS SURVEY (US citizens over the age of 18 only). Be sure to “Like” Emerald on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest Nutty Goodness!

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7 Responses to Healthy Snacking During the Week!

  1. These are delicious. I really love the cashews.

  2. Healthy snacking truly is a great tool in working towards a healthy lifestyle! Best of luck:)

  3. melissak3 says:

    Oh I need some healthy snack options as well.. I have the same struggle. What a great idea, thank you!

  4. I just love Emerald nuts! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Ashley says:

    I love nuts! They are a great healthy snack.

  6. Nuts are the perfect snack! I also struggle with my weight, and nuts are on of my go-to healthy snacking options!

  7. Love Emerald Nuts in green canisters.

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