As ways back I decided I wanted a chalkboard. I was tryin’ to find a way to organize my online life and daily to-do list. I went to the hardware store but was not impressed with the prices. I was like, “I’m not payin’ that much for paint that won’t even last.” I started textin’ my friends tellin’ them my problem and they laughed at me. I was like, “I’m not gonna pay for this when I’m pretty sure I have all the supplies already in my craft drawer and garage.” None of them thought I would be able to make the chalkboard, and that not only would I screw up, but I would waste my supplies. Well, if anyone knows me they know that tellin’ me I can’t do somethin’ is the quickest way to make me do it. I set out to make a chalkboard. Y’all it is easier than you think and I’mma show you real quick.

DIY Chalkboard from Aleshea at Glitz & Gritz


Flat latex acrylic paint. You’ll need a cup of it or 8 ounces in any color you would like.

1 tablespoon of non sanded grout. It has to be non sanded grout.


plywood of any size

sandpaper 150-200 grit

A wooden spoon or stick to mix with

paint brush


I had my plywood cut at the hardware store and purchased some that was already sanded. If your plywood is not already sanded then do so with 150-200 grit sandpaper. You are sandin’ it so the paint has somethin’ to hold onto.

Now in a throw away cup mix the paint and the non sanded grout with the wooden spoon. Stir very well. Once mixed begin to paint in even strokes on the chalkboard. Allow each coat to try dry thoroughly before addin’ another. I did about three coats on each board.

Allow the boards to dry overnight for safe measure.

Once dried overnight take the chalkboards and slate them with the chalk. That means to rub chalk all over the boards and then wipe it off.

Now you are done and you have your custom chalkboards to show off to friends.
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Have you ever made your own DIY chalkboard?
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6 Responses to 101 Handmade Days: DIY Chalkboard

  1. Patti Tucker says:

    So easy! Glad you finally got your chalkboard!

  2. Christina R says:

    So you just used regular black paint? That does seem easy to do.

  3. alicia says:

    Awesome! Now that chalkboard is the new thing even premade chalk boards are ridiculously exspenxive.

  4. Miss Jena says:

    Awesome project! That would be cute to do in fun shapes

  5. cuteheads says:

    A simple and fun summer DIY! I’ve been playing around with chalkboard paint too, it’s so easy!


  6. ellespann says:

    Love the chalk board! Chalk board paint is amazing!
    Southern Elle Style

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