Last week I talked about just how important this little ball of fur is to my life. Hubby’s life too. Even though hubs is on the road most of the time, a better matched set of goof balls would be hard to find. When he’s home, I pretty much get forgotten about. Don’t worry, I don’t mind 🙂 Bitly and I always have the park. Its our thing. Our special thing. We Heart our Local Park and love to go and do as we please…

Bitly LOVES her walks at the local park! -

We chase the squirrels. Smell all the smells. Check out the leaves. Scare away the birds. Leave our *ahem* mark. Walk until we can’t walk any longer… or we freeze. Well, really *most* of these activities are all Bitly. I smile on indulgently like a good fur mom thinking I have the most unique, special puppy in the world, and then we walk some more.

We heart our local park! -

Our local park means to the world to us. We have lots of memories. With and without the dog. Picnics. Church events. Community fundraisers. Weddings. Fish Fries. Potlucks. Chatting with friends while the children/fur-children play. Brisk walks in the cold. Special moments with the Hubby. So many of these moments and memories wouldn’t exist without our local park.

The Play Ground at our Local Park -

In many cities, one in three residents lacks access to a park or natural area. And with America’s open spaces disappearing at a rate of 6,000 acres a day, we’re at risk of losing our most cherished outdoor escapes. The Trust for Public Land is an organization whose mission it is to create and protect parks and other natural places, right in your own backyard. T.P.L. creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. They protect the places people care about and create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities, where 80% of Americans live.

Its a;; about OUR land! Its where we have the most fun! -

So I’ve told you about my love for our local park. Oh and Bitly’s love too 🙂 Now its your turn! We want to know why being outdoors and having local parks MATTERS to you! Visit,  Share your and story join the movement to protect #OurLand—now and for generations to come!

What is the name of your favorite park? Why does it matter to you?


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5 Responses to We Heart Our Local Park #OurLand

  1. Eliza Ferree says:

    Our local park is known as Luckie Park. It is beautiful and has a ton of slides and swings for the young ones, there is even a toddler area. Circling the park is an exercise walk with lots of equipment and my favorite part is the BBQ grills. We love to frequent the park but haven't since the summer, looks like it is time to see how it looks.

  2. Leah says:

    We have a nature preserve in our city and we love to go walking on the trails. The kids like to see the different animal tracks and throw rocks in the river!!

  3. legomaniac2003 says:

    There is a park near me with a bridge over a small lake. When my daughter was bridging to Girl Scouts, her troop walked over the bridge to literally "bridge" to Girl Scouts.

  4. valerieremymilora says:

    I am so grateful to be living in Los Angeles where we have access to so many beautiful parks! We are an outdoorsy family and love going on a sunset hike, go rock climbing for the day or ride our bikes a couple of miles to our favorite park and swing like monkeys for a few hours. I love the work that the Trust for Public Land is doing. I cannot imagine not having parks to enjoy!

  5. Rachel says:

    I love being able to take the kids to the park in the summertime, and well, really any time that it is nice outside! It gives them a chance to get outside and burn off some energy and gives me some change of scenery.

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