I’ve long been an admirer of the people that are organized enough to plan out their meals. I’ve attempted a weekly meal plan a few times…each time ending in failure – mostly because I really had no idea what I was doing – I was picking meals out of thin air and hoping I had the necessary ingredients when the time came. Yeah I am that blonde –  I totally didn’t even think to research the recipe and add the ingredients to my shopping list. Fortunately I don’t have that problem any more! Somebody got smart and created a website for blondes (and non-blondes too) like me 🙂 Finally weekly meal planning has been made simple!

Weekly Meal Planning Made Simple with Fitsme!  -

So I recently discovered this site… its called Fitsme and it is awesome! It takes all the guess work out of meal planning, gives you diet options, breaks down the recipes and gives you the ingredients in an easy check list!

How Fitsme Meal Planning Works -

To get started , sign up here (and yes, its FREE!!). Then you get to set up your preferences – pick one of the diet types from the options (Paleo is on there *GRIN*), add in any allergy info, Pick your favorite types of cuisines and you can even specify your favorite foods and the foods you don’t like. Then you get to Browse the recipes… oh boy… THE RECIPES! There are so many lat look and sound absolutely amazing 🙂 Once you’ve got the recipes added, you go to the grocery list section.

Check out the FitsMe Grocery List and Check off the items you already have... then email it to yourself! -

You can pick one or all the recipes to add to your list, and then you go through, check off what you already have in the house and email it to yourself 🙂 I print mine off add the other things I need at the store and I’m good!

Print off your FitsMe grocery list, add anything else you need and head to the store.  -


I could easily spend a couple hours looking through the recipes, drooling and planning WEEKS in advance. Tonight I’m having Cheddar-Bacon-Asparagus Strata for dinner and I can’t wait 😀

See! I told you! Meal Planning just got a whole lot easier!! And the fact that this is a FREE site is even better! I get to be organized, eat good food and save a few bucks too 🙂

Do you do a weekly meal plan?

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7 Responses to Weekly Meal Planning Made Simple

  1. amber.m says:

    This is neat! I'll have to look into it later today when I have a bit more time 🙂

  2. HiItsJilly says:

    That sounds so awesome! I'm terrible about meal planning. Maybe this will help. Signed up!

  3. emmymom2 says:

    Oh that is awesome!

  4. Chelsea says:

    No way! This looks so fun + convenient! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to get started!

  5. Michelle says:

    Why the hell didn't I think of site like that? LOL I'm definitely going to check it out!

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