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Are you a Christian who would like to share your faith and work from home? Take a look at Mary & Martha!
Mary & Martha is part of the Dayspring Company, and Dayspring is part of the Hallmark Company!   Mary and Martha is a rapidly growing Home Based business.  Many areas across United States are WIDE OPEN with little or no consultants in them.  This is a opportunity for Christian women to combine Faith and Income.


Mary and Martha Work From Home


Mary & Martha teaches women to use simple hospitality so that they have time to love on others in their home.  What I like is that all products are Scripture Inscribed or Faith Based.   The coffee is freshly roasted and to your house within a week!   Never mind the fact that regular coffee sits on the shelf for up to a year 🙁  Also, Mary & Martha coffee supports a missionary family and all sales support Compassion International.    NEW SPRING 2014 ITEMS include:  Re-useable Napkins, BURLAP Placemats, Glass Jars,  Metal Nesting Baskets made out of chicken wire, Disposable Bakeware!    My favorites include the GRACE & GRATITUDE collection, the METAL SCRIPTURE WALL QUOTES,  the LAZY SUSAN and so much more!




The great part about being a Mary & Martha business owner is you get to create your plan. How you work your business and earn money is up to you! From working part time and making a little extra spending money, to a full time career woman with your own team, you decide! And remember for every sale you make at least 25% back.   You will need to sell $400.00 every 6 months in order to stay active, very easy to do since most gatherings are between 300-500 in sales.


 When you JOIN you have the option of 2 kits, both kits are pictured here on this page and they have everything to get you started!
Mary & Martha Super Starter Kit
Deluxe Starter Kit
 Do you have questions about joining this rapidly growing team? You can email me at [email protected].  You can also like my Facebook  page for daily inspiration, occasional giveaways and to learn more about Mary & Martha. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest too!
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8 Responses to Work from Home with Mary & Martha

  1. Julie says:

    I didn't know they were part of Hallmark! And I love those placemats

  2. Michelle F. says:

    Sounds and looks like a great opportunity.

  3. pricelessyona says:

    Ohhh – that's cool about the Dayspring company being a part of Hallmark – learn something new every day. I love how there are so many different ways to earn an income from home. I would be nervous about not reaching the $400 mark, but it's very promising how you say that every gathering earns between $300 and 500.

  4. Although I do not drink coffee (or have any caffeine, for that matter), I have to say everything else looks so stylish and "home-y" and I love the story of Mary and Martha! Are you personally involved?

    • JenniferJayne13 says:

      I'm not personally selling, but I have purchased items and I love them! This post was written by Jane, one of my sponsors 🙂

  5. Cococute Manaloto says:

    I would like my Mom to start her own home business probably like cupcakes and special order breads I know it is not possible for me to engage with the sponsor here but i can recommend it with my friends who can reach Mary Martha

  6. missionalcall says:

    Ohhhh – what lovely items. I really wish I were in the States – I would totally do this. And as a missionary, it really blesses me to see companies like this supporting missions!

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