Does anyone else have the HARDEST time finding the perfect gift for those special guys in your life? My Father-in-law is almost impossible to shop for and my husband is DEFINITELY impossible. And don’t even get me started on my own Dad… I haven’t known what to get him for the last 15 years! Thank goodness there are some incredible Small Shops out there that create the perfect fun and unique gift ideas for Father’s Day!

Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day! #ShopSmall - Get Dad something totally unique for Father's Day this year! These small shops have some of the coolest custom, funny and creative gifts that Dad and Grandpa are sure to love! -
This list contains affiliate links.  If it helps you, it helps me too! gets a small commission
from anything you buy through them, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

  1. “Yoda Best” Father’s Day Mug – For all those starwars loving dads!
  2. Personalized Rubber Grip Money Clip
  3. Batman Keychain for Dad – Perfect for those BATdad wannabes 😀
  4. Personalized Wood Engraved Daddy & Grandpa Picture Frames 
  5. New Dad Father’s Day Mug – Got a new Daddy in your life? He’s sure to love this mug!
  6. Funny Father’s Day Shirtb- Bahahahah! I should totally get this for my Dad!
  7. Father & Son Matching Shirts
  8. Tie Clip Mens – Child’s Drawing – what a special and unique idea!!
  9. Funny Fathers Day Card –  yeah… so I almost spit out my coffee laughing when I found this card!
  10. Mens Custom Leather Wallet
  11. Personalized Bottle Cap Catcher  – Definitely handy for the Man Cave!
  12. Custom LEGO Head – Fathers Day Gift – This might be the most epic and awesomeof the gift ideas for Father’s Day!!
  13. Funny Father’s Day Mug
  14. THE GRILL FATHER Engraved Cutting Board – This might be the perfect gift for the FIL!!
  15. Top Dad T-shirt

I told you these were the perfect fun and unique gift ideas for Father’s Day! In fact I think I might have my Father’s day gift giving covered now and I couldn’t be happier with the things I picked out! I’ve already ordered a couple of them too! I can’t wait to mail them off or deliver them in person this year!

Which of these gift ideas for Father’s Day do you think would be the biggest hit at your celebration this year?

Remember those tasty and utterly delicious Cocopine Popsicles I shared with you a few weeks ago? Of course you do! They looked divine and had a strange name! A sure fire way to get them to stick in your brain, right? Well,  in the recipe for those frozen bits of tropical heaven I told you to freeze the left over parts in an ice cube tray… and I am back today to share the reason why! These Boozy Cocopine Smoothies are HEAVENLY and so worth blending up a little extra cocopine goodness!

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies -

This grown up smoothie is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day, or better yet, unwind on a long weekend! Can you guess what we’ll be sipping on this weekend? 😀

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies -

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies Ingredients

tray CocoPine Ice Cubes
2 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
4 oz Pineapple Juice

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies -

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies Directions

In a blender, combine the Cocopine Ice Cubes, the Whipped Cream Vodka and the Pineapple Juice.
Blend thoroughly, adding more juice if the mixture is too thick
Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Boozy Cocopine Smoothies -

Want to share these Boozy Cocopine Smoothies with the whole family? Just leave out the alcohol and serve with the 21 and under crowd! They’re sure to love it!

Want to try those Cocopine Popsicles I’ve been raving about? You can get the recipe HERE, and you’ll need it to make these delicious Boozy Cocopine Smoothies!

And as always, because I love you and want you to be safe… please drink responsibly.

Detroit: Motor City, USA. Here are some fun things to consider doing on a road trip to the city that was the foundation of America’s automotive ingenuity.

First things first,

Okay, first, there’s nothing worse than breaking down on a road trip. So get your car in for service before you head out. Get the maintenance done in advance. Yes, yes, I realize we’re talking about heading to Detroit, and there’s bound to be options for service, but first you have to get there safely. Now, when it comes to fun things to do in Detroit, it may be part of the so-called rust belt, but Detroit actually has a lot to offer families who are visiting the area.

8 Things to do in Detroit

8 Things to do in Detroit

While Detroit actually has a lot of things to do, we’ve narrowed the list down to eight things that will really make a trip to Detroit memorable.

  1. Neoclassical art is famed at the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is famous for their Diego Rivera murals which were inspired by the auto industry
  2. Detroit actually is the home to original Motown Hitsville USA was formed here. From the Supremes to the Temptations, you can stand right where they stood and hear and feel the magic of “motherly love” music.
  3. Detroit is home to all the major professional sports: Detroit Redwings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Pistons. You’re bound to find a game to catch!
  4. Michigan Science Center is a fun museum for families to visit. It has one of a kind, hands-on exhibits for families and kids of all ages.
  5. Visit Belle Isle, owned by the City of Detroit, there’s a bit of a refuge within the river. On one side you see Detroit, and on the other, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
  6. While not exactly in Detroit proper, we’ll stretch it a bit and ask you to take a 20 minute drive to nearby Dearborn. Here you can visit the Ford Rouge Factory tour. Definitely a must-see for any vehicle lover!
  7. If you want to try a bit of food made by hand (as in traditional food from many cultures), visit Eastern Market. Saturdays are especially busy, but offer the best variety as well as great for people watching.
  8. Street Art at its finest can be found at the Heidelberg Project. A fair warning that this isn’t in the “best” part of town, but it is still a unique part of Americana. It really can tell a story about things left behind.

When it comes to finding unique locations for road trips, sometimes off-the-beaten path is found on the beaten path. Find something new when you take your travels. Don’t miss the “big” places, but also learn about the location with attractions unique to the city you visit.

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